SLAVE REVOLT - Stream New Album "Journey To The Otherside"

Slave Revolt have released their debut album Journey To The Other Side with INgrooves via The Label Group. Having previously released three singles: "Open the Heavens", "Organic Robot", and "Devil in Jeans" from their debut album, Journey To The Other Side, Slave Revolt have bred a combination of versatility in modern metal and hard rock music. The results offer Metalcore seasoned with Alternative Metal into a sound-blast across the East Coast Scene to your ears. Journey To The Other Side is a fresh blend and highly welcomed in the Metal/Hard Rock scene; truly a must have album in your collection.

'"Journey To The Other Side is the culmination of our life’s work and dedication to the musical craft. These songs speak of love, pain, and loss with utter honesty."' - Jimi Ivins Slave Revolt

Stream below the new album "Journey To The Otherside".