MY OWN AFFLICTION - Reveal Video For New Single "Enemy"

Modern Metal outfit, My Own Affliction have released a music video for their new single "Enemy".

My Own Affliction is an aggressive and melodic metal band comprised of members with a wide variety of musical influences and experiences. The 3 piece group of multi-instrumentalists is based in Spokane, Washington. MOA combines modern riffs and a thunderous rhythm section with a combination of vocal styles and an energetic stage presence that leaves audiences wanting more.

MOA is lead guitarist and vocalist William Kearney, bassist and vocalist Cris Yancey, and drummer and multi-media controller Dan McNamara. The group formed in 2018 when Kearney and Yancey left a former project and McNamara, along with MOA’s original co-lead guitarist, left another project. The group worked with 3 different lead vocalists before coming together with Dominic Still who performed the first shows and recorded the band’s first single, Buried Alive, before departing to move for school in 2019. MOA plans to follow that up with another single later in 2020.


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