MIKE LITORIS COMPLOT - Stream New Album "The Six Whoresmen"

Luxembourg's Groovy Slamming Deathgrind outfit, MIKE LITORIS COMPLOT are streaming below their new album "The Six Whoresmen".


1. The Six Whoresmen 
2. Uniporn 
3. Two Strangers One Bullet 
4. Billy The Clit 
5. The Menu Card 
6. Pony The Cash Machine 
7. Baguette Dans Ton Cul 
8. Destruction Tour 
9. Cockosaurus Sex 
10. Hydraulic Handjob 
11. March Of The Landwhales 
12. Landwhales Don´t Say No 
13. David Hasslecock 
14. The Love Of A Man Goes Through His Nose 
15. Snorty The Degenerate Cocaine Vacuum 
16. Attack Of The... 
17. Retarded Midget Slampiggies From Outta Space 
18. Rang Pang Full an d´Mull 
19. Duuschtreg Jongen