LUNARSEA - Release Two Guitar Walkthrough Videos!

Italian Melodic Death Metal masters LUNARSEA have released two guitar walkthrough videos for 'Polar Covalent Bond' and 'Humanoid, Mannequinn, Androgyne', enjoy them below. Both songs are taken from the band's latest album "Earthling/Terrestre", released last January via Punishment 18 Records.

As recently announced, LUNARSEA will play Hard Rock Laager - festival 2020, alongside DARK TRANQUILLITY, IHSAHN, PESTILENCE + more, set to take place on July 3rd - 4th in Estonia. Get more information here:

“Earthling/Terrestre” tracklist:

1. Light Hearted in an Ergonomic Resin
2. The Earthling
3. In Expectance
4. Helical Stalemate
5. Aqueducts
6. Humanoid, Mannequinn, Androgyne
7. Polar Covalent Bond
8. The Fourth Magnetar
9. Mi Suthina
10. p (Outro)