KALAHARI – Release New Single "Theia" With Lyric Video

Italian Metal outfit, Kalahari have released a new single "Theia" with a lyric video. The song is the first single and title track of tehir first EP.

The band commented:

"Theia is a shocking revelation, a devastating and violent event, a superior identity which starts once again the cycle of destruction and creation.

Following the theory of the “giant impact”, Theia is the name given to the celestial body that had hit our earth billions of years ago, creating the moon, upsetting the axis of our planet, changing its rotation and that lit the spark that caused a series of reactions, which brought our world to be how we know it today; from a catastrophe to the birth of life.

When on the horizon there was only the deepest oblivion, the intervention of a mother destroyed to create something more. This motherly figure comes from the Greek colture. Theia, titan of the ancient Greek mythology: mother of the moon divinities, of the god of the sun and of the dawn. She is the goddess of splendor, the spear that brings destruction and then creation.

Today, like back then, we live in a world wrapped by shadows and submerged into perdition, not the ones of a lifeless and futureless planet, but the ones of an unsustainable system, of a corrupted society and of our own mental prisons.
In this darkest hour, we call upon the spear of destruction, so it can bring to a new creation, to a positive change.
In this moment, we call upon Theia."

Kalahari is a metal band born in Forlì (Italy) from an idea shaped during 2015, which finally finds its identity in 2017.
During 2018, they write and release their first DEMO entitled “Re-Burn” and after one year of numerous concerts throughout the underground scene, they go back in studio to record their first true EP: “Theia”.
The five band members have a musical background that touches very different shades of the genre. The complicity between them and the passion for music brought them to create a unique blend of sonorities, which makes it hard to label them. Powerful break-downs and galloping riffs are alternated with acoustic arpeggios and sinuous melodies: creating an overwhelming sound, which remains clean, still.
The lyrics touch social and existential themes and take inspiration from strong emotions and from the events that cause them in the first place. Everything is rigorously presented in a metaphorical key. Kalahari is first of all music and for them, music is made out of strong sensations, that give you chills, and that is what they want to deliver to their audience.