HUMAN NEBULA - ABOUT To Unleash Blistering Justin Bieber Cover of "Baby" Feat. Matty G

Hot on the heels of their single and video for ANDROMEDA, Pretoria-based Human Nebula decided to spend their time in lockdown to give Baby from Justin Bieber a brutal makeover!

"Quarantine makes people do strange things" says Kyle Botha (Human Nebula Guitarist).

To ad an even deeper dynamic to Baby, the lads worked with Mozambique Hip Hop / R&B Producer Matthew Grunewald (Matty G)ž

“As mostly a Hip-Hop / R&B Producer, it was cool to get down and dirty with the Progressive Deathcore boys. I also don’t think JB ever intended for this shit to happen” adds Matty G.

Baby (feat. Matty G) will be available to the public on all streaming platforms on 28 May, 2020.

Human Nebula is a Progressive Deathcore band from Pretoria, South Africa. A geometrical blend of earth shattering chuggs, interplanetary melodies and metamorphosing screams!

Human Nebula congealed in late 2017 when Gareth Reed and Kyle Botha came up with the idea. Gareth states that "I wanted to create something that satisfied my carnal need for brutally heavy music, but also contented my ambition to make something progressively alluring and beautiful". Kyle adds that "we wanted to make something that allowed creative freedom and eventually not need any direction from the members themselves, but rather would shape and form itself into what it needs to be with all the different elements blended into it." With vision in mind and word of mouth, the people who would come to mold and define the concept were recruited. Namely Tim Lotter, Dale McHardy and Gavin Grobbler, no auditions were needed. And together with their creative input and exceptional writing; evolved the project into something beyond measure: into the band you see before you today.
Almost a year of writing, recording and practicing took place until Human Nebula launched under the name on 17 November 2018 for their first live show and EP release entitled Pillars Of Creation.

Human Nebula has subsequently been working hard at conquering the world and played in the Wacken Metal Battle final mere months after formation. Human Nebula won the South African Metal Music Awards (SAMMA) for best EP "Pillars of Creation" and recently released their blistering single and video for ANDROMEDA (feat. Lwandile Prusent from Vulvodynia, Technopath & Xavleg).