HORCRUX - Unleashes An Adrenalizing Video For Sinister New Single “Monochrome”!

Metalcore powerhouse Horcrux debuts an adrenalizing live video for ominous “Monochrome” – the third single (after the vigorous “Linger” and “Heretic”) off the formation’s recent EP – “Heretic”! Induced with frenzied and dynamic vocal lines, brooding, dark guitar motives that are equally melodic and heavy, colossal breakdowns and apocalyptic atmosphere, “Monochrome” establishes an impressively immersive sinister soundscape, which masterfully combines technical proficiency and compositional talent into one cohesive, monumental musical palette that only a few other scene participants can associate with nowadays.

On the topic of the characteristics of “Monochrome”, Michael Labelle (vocals) explains: "This is a song that I wrote about substance abuse and how it gives you the perception and feeling of being invincible. I didn’t write this song about myself or about anyone in particular but I wanted to write a story about someone seeing both sides of substances: how it makes them feel and what it actually does to them. The song talks about this character, who is trying to end his habit when - in fact - it’s always there in the back of his mind. I put myself in an endless, loop mindset while writing this song to embody my story of a character going through the same process day in and day out. The person is successful in breaking his habit, but it will always come back as it lingers in his head."

"Monochrome" is the title track of Horcrux' sophomore EP - now available everywhere!


1. "Monochrome"
2. "Heretic"
3. "Linger"
4. "Left Behind"
5. "Trigger"
6. "Illuminate"