FORGIVE - Stream Debut Album "Mirrors"

French Hardcore outfit, Forgive are streaming below their debut album "Mirrors".

Created from the friendship between long time buddies, Forgive expresses Hardcore at its purest and most melodic.

Viscerally rock riffs that are intertwined with rage and the authenticity of punk-Hardcore. Horizons that are a bit distinct, which have allowed the production of an album that is rich and faithful to its origins.

The band arrives with their first LP "Mirrors", subtle and respectful of the energy they share live.

"Mirrors deals with complex relationships within and outside the family as seen through the eyes of fictional characters. With a rather introspective start to the album, as the songs go on, we tend towards a more global view of the society we live in." - Said Guillaume.

In their previous single release “Smokescreen”, they talked about a sentimental story between two characters against a backdrop of deception and betrayal, inevitably ending in drama.

We let you discover the rest of the album.