DMS - Release New Single "Ordinary Strange"

Edinburgh five-piece DMS craft absolute tunes! Energetic, dynamic, make you want to dance tunes. However their new single ‘Ordinary Strange’ is far removed from their successful formula…and with good reason! OUT

“This song was written prior to the pandemic but we feel like it speaks volumes to the current situation. All of us are adjusting to this strange new reality that is life under lockdown with varying degrees of success. Key workers, many of whom are on minimum wage/zero hours contracts are forced to work around the clock to keep the rest of the world going. State sanctioned payouts to businesses owned by tax-evading billionaires are seriously being considered while health services which have been underfunded for years are forced to rely on the charity of people whose age range is in triple digits. Protests and acts of aggression are gaining momentum across the globe. These are fuelled by misinformation campaigns that have steadily been building over the past several years. Truly we are all a little strange”.

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With headline slots at Liquid Rooms, Mash House and Cab Vol having all sold out, the ambition and progress of DMS is not going unnoticed. Prior to lockdown they had a series of festival dates lined up as well as high level supports with the likes of SPACE.