DEATHING - Released New "All Hail the Decay" EP Along With Video!

Finnish Valkeakoski-based death metal band Deathing released their debut EP All Hail The Decay on May 22nd 2020 via Inverse Records. To celebrate the release they also made a new video for track "Dead World Alive".

Vocalist/guitarist Marko Mäkinen comments:

"The buzz surrounding the EP has been hugely positive and we have been conveying the energy from it to producing new & even more awesome riffs for future material. Huge thanks goes to our mixing wizard Olli Paajanen, who worked amazing tones to support our songs!

The third single from the EP "Dead World Alive" is lyrically from Mikko's pen and it is heavily influenced by Hugh Howey's "Silo" book trilogy. The song is a story of dystopic society in isolation, where the new generation starts to question the official truths from the ones in charge."


1. Kings of Terror
2. Crash & Burn
3. Dead World Alive
4. Sickness
5. Blinded By Fear (At The Gates cover)