BROTHER - Watch Full Show From Worcester, MA; July 5th, 2019

Watch below full show from Hardcore Punk act, Brother at The Palladium in Worcester, MA on July 5th, 2019.

Get their music here:


1. Manifest (Self Titled)
2. Vessel (Self Titled)
3. Consume (Self Titled)
4. Speak (Self Titled)
5. Something Must Be Done (Antidote Cover)
6. Ella "The Beatdown Barbie" Stage Dive
7. Surfacing (Self Titled)
8. Empire (Self Titled)
9. Pawn (Self Titled)
10. Tidal ("Every Winter Is Cold" BHC Compilation)
11. Comfort (Self Titled)
12. Resist (Self Titled)
13. Leech (Self Titled)
14. Hate Flag (Wound Man Cover)
15. Processed (Self Titled)
16. Colony (AHC Volume 4 Compilation)