A MEANS TO AN END - Release "Beg For Pain" Music Video

Corpus Christi, TX metal band A Means To An End (often stylized as AMTAE) has released a new music video for their single "Beg For Pain." The animated video premiered on Spaceuntravel's channel and will surely make any Adult Swim metalhead throw up the double horns.

"We had a vision for this video of the song spreading through the town and taking over people's minds to make them feel the energy of the music and cause chaos," says bassist Ky McLeod. "Eventually the song consumes the entire Earth and we are risen from the ground and see it has taken over. Obviously there a was no way to actually film this so we decided to do something different at the time and have an animated video made."

"Beg For Pain" comes on the heels of tragedy as the band's guitarist Jon Reyes recently passed away.

"With the passing of Jon, we really just want to honor him and have some of his last work seen," says McLeod. "We are still moving forward as a band, but we haven’t even tried to fill his spot yet or really even practice because it’s still hard to believe he’s gone."