A BROKEN SILENCE - Present New Single Video "Soul"

Alternative Metal formation A Broken Silence premieres a topical video, relevant to the current global situation, for “Soul” - the explosive and adrenalizing title track of the band’s just recently released full-length album, after the previously presented and highly successful "Wake Up", "At The End Of The Day" and "You Best Believe". Displaying amazing musical dexterity and rollercoaster emotional value, “Soul” showcases an ever-present array of deft blend, combining masterful utilization of electronic elements, tasteful guitar-driven leads and an impressive vocal versatility, containing powerful rap vocals and uplifting singing elements, throughout the composition’s duration. The sheer raw power essence of the track unquestionably permeates every single aspect of it, as the song burns with passion through its cohesive, melody-driven, yet dynamic nature, which – ultimately - delivers the hard, the heavy and the comprehensible sounds of the modern rock mainstream in spades.

Commenting on the theme of “Soul” and its missive, A Broken Silence adds: "This song is not about providing answers, but asking questions instead. What is existence? Reality? Accident or design? If we die tomorrow, where do we go? What is the point? What is the purpose?"