7candystars - Release Debut EP "Cherish" and "Cordial" Visualizer

7candystars self-released their genre-blending debut EP, Cherish. Across the powerful four tracks on the release, the duo of Kane Gelaznik (vocals/guitars) and Jason Duarte (bass/synth) showcase a more aggressive alternative rock sound mixed with new wave, goth, industrial and pop tendencies. To celebrate the release, the band have also shared a visualizer for the hard-hitting, emotional opener “Cordial”. On the track, Gelzanik executes a haunting, yet stark vocal tone on painful lyrics like “I forget all your names, erased, degraded.”

Two years in the making, Cherish was recorded throughout basements and closets in Pennsylvania and Massachusetts, with producer Sean Ahern putting the final touches on the band’s raw and intriguing sound. Cherish takes the idea of transformation through suffering and brings it into an act of self-realization and resisting the urge of letting anger take over. Throughout the EP, 7candystars are able to transcend sounds from the dynamic, alt-rock leaning “Silver” to synth heavy, dark wave adjacent closer “Need To Be Cruel.” Drawing influences from the likes of like The Smashing Pumpkins, The Chameleons, The Cult, and Bush, the band play heavily on that inspiration throughout Cherish, while still providing a refreshing, modern take on the sounds they grew up on. You can stream and purchase Cherish on Spotify and Bandcamp now and watch the video for “Cordial” below.

On the release, the band stated:

“The 7candystars mission is to break every boundary we can musically while still sounding very much like ourselves and Cherish marks the beginning of that journey. Most of our favorite bands have a wide range of sounds across their output that all have cohesive elements and a unique imprint that makes them each clearly and intentionally a work from the band's canon and not a random track. We look up to bands with an uncompromising vision and the guts to continue chasing it, and we wanted to follow that path with this release.”


1. Cordial
2. Corners
3. Silver
4. Need To Be Cruel