WHERE'S MY BIBLE - Shows The Dark Sides Of Life With Their New Single & Music Video "Werewolves of Ghost Town"

Finnish Heinola-based metal band Where's My Bible released a new single and music video 'Werewolves of Ghost Town' via Inverse Records.

Singer Jussi Matilainen comments:

"In this music video we took the same direction which the song has, quite dark and serious. In this video I wanted to honour my friend who passed away and that gives more seriousness to this piece. We tried to show the dark sides of life. Those things can happen to anyone regardless of your life situation.

The base of the videos outlook and theme was the name and lyrics. That why it was really important to combine wolves in it. They portray the evil inside us and also the inner wolf. Both good and bad.

I never thought that when I saw Wardruna's music video "Voluspá", that we would have opportunity to use those exactly same wolves on our video. That was really meaningful and inspiring moment of building this project. Making this video was hard work and we are grateful to all who made this happen."

Guitarist Pasi Löfgrén continues:

"Of W.M.B's production the new track offers a darker more melodic side and it strongly shows the direction we are headed musically. Some of the riffs have been waiting in the drawer since our first release. In fact they are from the second song ever written for W.M.B. But after all these years we decided to start working on it again, which turned out to be a good decision.

The song changed a lot of its shape and as the pieces fell together perfectly we managed to create something new and beautiful and still sound like ourselves. The finished product is guaranteed Where's My Bible quality."