PLAYGROUND CIRCUS - Return With A Brand New Single Release

Five months after the successful single “Out Of This Mess” and while stuck in their headquarters in beautiful Maida Vale during the COVID-19 madness, the London based band decided to record and release their brand new song “Are We The Heroes ?”!

“Are we the heroes?” is an energetic song which contains all the ingredients of their previous releases but x10! Pop punk, Punk Rock, Post-hardcore, easy core... You name it. Everything is here and together with an amazing guest performance by Mr. Vang from the band ABOVE US THE WAVES, they are creating a tight song thatʼll keep you company during these crazy times of major lockdowns and self-isolation.

“Are We The Heroes?” is about all the creative people out there from musicians and painters to writers, poets, film makers, and artists of any kind in general. People that try to make our world beautiful. But it also brings out deeper questions thatʼs up to the listener to discover and reimagine from their own perspective.