LOLITA - Release Single Video "Killing Floor"

Hard Rock outfit Lolita, born out of the folk-infested foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains in Charlottesville Virginia, pushes limits of the rock genre with their powerful hooks and soulful melodies. Today, the band is releasing their first new single/music video "Killing Floor" from their upcoming full-length album due this summer. As the single kicks off with catchy and solid guitars, the video features DIY footage from tour and recording sessions.

"Killing Floor was written in full as a band minus some of the verse lyrics in a spontaneous warm-up jam before rehearsal in less than an hour. The song was written towards the beginning of our writing sessions for the new album right at the beginning of our decision to record the album in Bali. Lyrically it’s a bit of a call to arms both personally and within the band in that time of uncertainty of how we were going to pull off a 7-week Indonesian tour/album recording trip as an unsigned band with no team or budget whatsoever. You could call it shit or get off the pot theme.” - Will Nealy

Lolita was first conceptualized by frontman Will Nealy and bassist Jeff White nearly a decade ago when the two friends united over a shared passion for bringing a new style of music to the monotony of Charlottesville’s traditional sound. They envisioned a rock band that respected the pioneers of the genre while simultaneously presenting an entirely new manifestation of musical movement. Once Lolita’s core lineup was created, the band decided to pack up and move to New York City to release their first EP Tell The Weather, followed by their next EP Counting Chemtrails in 2017. The EP gained some radio play in the US and Europe and shortly after recording the EP, the band welcomed the addition of guitarist Rob Sewall, taking the bands sound to a whole new level.

Over the past couple of years, Lolita has been steadily building a following in the United States and in Indonesia. Most recently the band spent 6 weeks at the beginning of 2019 in Bali and Jakarta, Indonesia, touring and recording their first full-length album due out in summer 2020