DEATHING - Release "Crash & Burn" Single Video!

Finnish Valkeakoski-based death metal band Deathing is set to release their debut EP All Hail The Decay on May 22nd 2020 via Inverse Records. A new single “Crash & Burn” which was released today is a glimpse to the ruthless overachieving of today’s society.

Vocalist/guitarist Marko Mäkinen comments:

"The second song from the EP called Crash & Burn is a dim view of today's performance-based society. After catchy melody the song goes into cruise mode as the inner monologue starts. The character of the story is stuck in a rat race and finally succumbs to a total meltdown. The song is probably the favourite for the whole band from the EP."

Spring 2014: The building blocks of Deathing were taken from the ruins of band Ruindom when former bass player Marko Mäkinen dug up his guitar and started bombarding drummer Mikko Kivimäki with riff ideas. He took the bait. Rami Vartiainen soon joined the fold to fill up the bass frequencies and Mika Lehtinen took up the second guitar.

Fast forward to 2019. The spark finally ignites the full flames when recording the drums for the debut EP release as the material showed great promise. After Lehtinen departs due to lack of time, good friend Aleksi Tossavainen takes up the seven string duties and Deathing is complete in its current form.

We have never intended to reinvent the wheel of death metal or to please everyone. We create our music with our own terms because we love it that way and we really think we can reach same-minded people with our debut release. A lot of our influences are from 80’s and 90’s, but we like to be mobile and not get fortified in one place or decade.


1. Kings of Terror
2. Crash & Burn
3. Dead World Alive
4. Sickness
5. Blinded By Fear (At The Gates cover)