CRAZED - Stream New Album "Game Over"

Ever since their establisment in 2012, Crazed has approached heavy music differently. Taking influences from the late 90's and early 00's while adding a fresh feel to it.

Debut record Game Over from 25th of April through Profane Records and it is available on all platforms. Below you can stream the full album.

''Game Over'' showcases a timeless and distinctive sound that does not follow any bullshit trend or blueprint, offering a spastic, sonic journey that touches on topics like: Social issues, personal growth, self reflection, corruption, philosophy and tonque-in-cheek humor instead.

Their music can best be described as: Chaotic, melodic, pounding and yet quite catchy.

Though founded in 2012, it wasn't until 2018 that Crazed seriously converged upon the scene.

While working on their debut record at studio FirmPro in De Bilt, the band relentlessly played shows in the Netherlands and beyond, which in 2019 led them to sign a deal with Profane Records.

When witnessed live, Crazed will remind you of that one rollercoaster ride that gets you pumped with adrenaline and hungry for more.


1. Rise In Rage
2. Story Teller
3. Daggers
4. Tricked
5. The Brittle Wall Of Dreams
6. Society Accelerator
7. Summoning Smoke
8. Zebra Race
9. Crossroads
10. Enemy In Front Of Me