YOUR LAST WISH - Release New Band Playthrough For “Exile”

Releasing their third studio album “Eradicate” this past February, Montreal's Your Last Wish are sharing their band playthrough video for the track 'Exile' available for the viewing pleasure of fans worldwide.

With roots in classic death and thrash metal, the melodic death metallers are darker and heavier this time around and in the video, they flaunt their matured sound and show off their thrash side coupled with odd-time signatures.

“Eradicate” is a concept album, beautifully exploiting post-apocalyptic themes. It is a bilingual album with songs in both English and French. The album was composed and recorded entirely by guitarist David Gagné, while all lyrics were written by vocalist Roxana Bouchard. Track 'Pandore' features a guest appearance by Beyond Creation's Simon Girard.

Friend and fan of the band Dan Mongrain of Voivod had this to say about the band:

''Your Last Wish's new Album "Eradicate" will take you on an epic journey through extremely powerful musical landscapes that will transform your mind and emotions forever. That's what quality art is for, and that's what they do!”

The album is available on Bandcamp, Spotify, Apple Music.