SERPENTS - Release New Video "The Lust of The Lawless"

Chicagoland blackened deathcore band, Serpents (U.S.), featuring frontman Andrew Mikhail (ex Oceano, Straight Line Stitch) have released a music video "The Lust of The Lawless", taken from their latest full-length concept album, "Temet Nosce". This video coincides with their 10 year anniversary.

From frontman Andrew Mikhail, “The Lust of The Lawless,” as a song, is a parable of one unifying with their inner shadow; and venturing onward into the unknown, hand-in-hand—together. A message echoed throughout the ages, by all seekers alike; of self-attainment on the path to transcendence. Yet, being that we are all our own greatest adversaries, the process of such a transformation can also be one of lunacy, loneliness, and depravity; and that is what the music and the video for this song are meant to signify—the coniunctio of opposites within one’s mind. We also had a limited edition vinyl pre-order of our debut album, "Born of Ishtar", to coincide with all this. But, considering the state of affairs, we have decided to refund vinyl pre-orders in hopes to give our fans a little relief at this time; where some artists are digging deeper into their fans pockets, we would like to do the opposite."