AVIANA - Three Members Quit The Band, Singer Continuous

Swedish Metalcore outfit, Aviana have announced that three out of four-member have quit the band. The band made an announcement which you can see below. The only remaining member is the frontman Joel who has posted a video update about this situation. See all of this below!

The band released their second album "Epicenter" last August with good feedback!

The statement from the three departed members Marcus, Nic & Sebastian:

"It’s with a heavy heart we let you know that Marcus, Nic and Sebastian has chosen to leave Aviana. It’s a decision that was made some time ago.

As this might come as a chock to you guys, it’s a really tough decision for us to make. And as much as we have loved being in this band, creating and playing these songs live. Meeting all of you beautiful people on the road, all good things come to an end. And right now we want to focus on other things in life.

As a result of this, we wont be performing on the upcoming EU tour with OUR HOLLOW/OUR HOME. To anyone who bought a ticket to see us, we’re deeply sorry for this.

Therefore the last gig we are doing as this 4-piece with original members is going to be a very special show at High 5ive Summer Fest 2020 in Stockholm.

But this is not the end. Aviana will carry on with Joel. He will continue with the band and write new material that will see the light of day in a near future. And all other shows booked this summer is still happening.

Big thank you to everyone who believed in us, High 5ive Music, Arising Empire, Avocado Booking. Thank you for all the memories. And to all of you who listened to the music, attented shows, bought merch, wrote us messages, we love you! We will never forget this part of our lives. "

Joel statement: