ARRAYS - Unveil New Single "Too Late"

Solo studio Metal project of JP Carroll, Arrays released a new single "Too Late" with a lyric video.

"The new single, ‘Too Late’, is a song for those times when we feel pressure to shift path, toward the goals and ambitions that lie deep inside of us. ‘Too Late’ is about those times we feel stuck on a trajectory that takes us away from what we want to get out of life." - Arrays

Arrays is the solo studio project of JP Carroll - the archetypal one man band. Arrays expands directly from individuality; Driven, thoughtful and meticulously crafted productions. And lyrically it’s like therapy, expressing the gamut from divorce to depression, anxiety to existential angst, hopelessness to hope.

Arrays is guitar centric, melodic and anchored in groove. Grunge, Nu Metal, Metalcore and Prog Metal influences are drawn upon to create a sound that is as unique and unmistakably ‘JP’, while still feeling strangely familiar - like a trip down memory lane with a new perspective.