THE WEIGHT OF SILENCE - Are Back With New Single "Gucci & Gold"

2019 was a breakout year for Australia's purveyors of #TrapMetal, The Weight of Silence. A collaboration with Upon a Burning Body frontman Danny Leal started the year strong, with an introspective single "Runnin' Through The 666" later in the year showing the bands ability to write mature music without losing an ounce of heaviness. The dawn of a new decade signals a new era for the band; as they prepare for the release of their debut album and a yet-to-be-announced collaboration with one of the biggest acts in the game.

"Gucci and Gold" serves as a segue from the brash antics of the bands prior releases into a new sound that highlights authentic influences from classic hardcore and nu-metal that works in tandem with their trap-metal stylings. This tighter sound sacrifices none of the groups signature menace, with breakdowns and riffs that feel more focused and polished than the bands earlier work and a lyrical styling that shows lead vocalist Jacob Perdersen's roots in underground music.

"Gucci & Gold is just a raw, hardcore inspired song that came together like any old band practice jam... something you can bang your head to and overall just have fun with! While our album as a whole is heavily influenced by trap, hip hop and rap, this track is mostly inspired by bands like Deez Nuts, Trapped Under Ice, Body Count, etc" - Jacob Pedersen

The Weight of Silence are ready to bring the #TrapMetal movement to the masses in 2020 - a full tour schedule will be announced soon along with new music, videos, merch & more!