RICK MASSIE - Releases “Time After Time”, The First Single From His Debut Album “Eclipse”

From the cold mountains of the Yukon, Rick Massie has released his first single from his forthcoming debut album “Eclipse” on February 7th, 2020. The first single, “Time After Time” gives a 10-minute glimpse into the overall feel of the album by weaving a path across many genres, moods and tempos. This is progressive metal/rock with a twist - the progressive nature does not lie in its technicality, but in it’s moods, the variety of genres and sub-genres in each song, and the unusual song structures. “Time After Time” continually evolves - until at last (at over 8 minutes into the song) - a familiar melody finally jumps out, just before the unexpected ending.

Every track on the album is meant to be a journey - one that is painted with a palette of electric guitars, layered vocals, orchestras and choirs. Lyrically, “Time After Time” explores the concepts of love, fear, and (temporary) loss.

The Release Date for the full album “Eclipse” will be announced soon.