HELLGARDEN - Announces Release Date, Cover Art and Tracklist of Their First Album

The Brazilian Metal band that recently announced having signed with an international label has announced the release date, cover art and tracklist of their first album, entitled ‘’Making Noise, Living Fast’’ which will be released worldwide by the North American label Brutal Record on April 10th of 2020. (Pre-save it now on: https://orcd.co/hellgarden)

The album was recorded directly on tape, at ForestLab Studios in Petrópolis, Rio de Janeiro, with the band putting on all their energy into each track of the record and also counting with a great experience of the producer Lisciel Franco, with Roberto Carvalho as recording engineer and mastering engineer, the north american Alan Douches, known for mastering iconic records (Motorhead, Sepultura and more...),

HellgardeN already has a single released called '' Learned to Play Dirty '' accompanied by an Official Video (Watch: http://bit.ly/2HkpNyR) that anticipates a killer track and great video creating even more expectation for the release of ''Making Noise, Living Fast'' in April.

‘’Making Noise, Living Fast’’ Tracklist:

1- Spit on Hipocrisy
2- Evolution or Destruction
3- Learned to Play Dirty
4- Fuck the Consequences
5- Brainwash
6- Making Noise, Living Fast
7- Believe in Yourself or Die
8- Possessed by Noise