ALTERED REVELATIONS - Release New Single "Haunted"

Los Angeles based Metalcore band Altered Revelations have released their new single, “Haunted”.

Altered Revelations is known for their cinematically driven songs and the new monster of a single is no exception. The band really pushed to limits of both their musical skill and storytelling abilities, “The goal for us in the writing process was to make this song sound huge,” said guitarist/drummer/vocalist Garrett Nobriga, “It’s a concept story about a person who has a very persistent entity possessing them, whether you want to consider it a demon, a haunting ghost or a more vague sense of guilt about past actions is up to the listener, but the main premise is the person's tortured soul as he/she battles with the mental strain. We spent a very long time making sure the music reflected that, sometimes quite literally. ”

The musicality of the track matches the premise as it moves forward, from the dark and dissonant tones of the intro to the "dueling" guitar solos that drive home the conflict between the haunting entity and it’s tormented host. Add in the scale and openness of the orchestral sections and choruses, eerie atmosphere, and epic breakdowns and the song is a beast of a journey. Haunted will be available on all digital music outlets, including Spotify, iTunes, AppleMusic, etc.