TONIGHT WE STAND - The Debut Album "New World Disorder" Out On March 13th Via This Is Core!

Italian metal act Tonight We Stand is glad to announce the release of their debut album "New World Disorder", out on March 13th via This Is Core. Mixed by Lucas D'Angelo (Betraying The Martyrs) in France, the album is the perfect representation of their style. The band says: "'New World Disorder' is our debut album, the best solution to find our space into the worldwide metal scene, but we also want to tell our personal vision of the society and the human weakness: depression, anger, sorrow, addiction, obedience, money... By listening to this album, we will take the listener into a labyrinth made of sounds and words where, at the end of it, the listener will understand the consequences of what those weaknesses would entail, invisible ones but still destructive for who’s infected and for the overall environment".

"New World Disorder" Artwork and Track Listing:

1- Damnation
2- Phobia
3- Darkest Times
4- End Of The Road
5- Gates Of Hell
6- Hollowgrams
7- New World Disorder
8- Sick Rose
9- The Shattered God
10- Fire Walks With Me
11- Martyrs