SMASH INTO PIECES - To Release New Single "Mad World"

Smash Into Pieces are set to release a cover version of Tears For Fears single Mad World on 24th January which has a unique style to the original.

Not only is Mad World the band's latest release off upcoming 5th studio Album Arcadia but the band has also dedicated the single to a girl called Nikita who sadly ended her life far too soon due to this Mad World.

With 4 released albums, 14 singles, over 80 million streams on Spotify, and more than 40 million views on YouTube, Smash Into Pieces have evolved into one of the fastest rising Scandinavian alternative rock bands today.

Smash Into Pieces made a big breakthrough in their home country of Sweden in 2015 with their second album release, “The Apocalypse DJ”. The following years contained several world tours as support to bands like Alter Bridge, Within Temptation, Halestorm, Amaranthe to name a few. In 2017, the band released their third album, “Rise & Shine”. Their success continued and international massive touring increased their worldwide fanbase. With the latest album release of the band's fourth album, “EVOLVER”, in October 2018, Smash Into Pieces broke the 500,000 monthly listeners mark on Spotify and are now streaming close to 250,000 streams per day.

Heading into 2019, Smash Into Pieces announced that their first single of the year, “HUMAN”, would be released on January 25th. Alongside the news of the upcoming single release, the band also announced their first-ever show in Russia, a Scandinavian headline tour, followed by a massive North American theater tour together with the two world-famous rock acts, Within Temptation and In Flames.

With over 60 shows in three different continents in a 6-month period, the band started recording their fifth album during the spring & summer of 2019. With new partners attached to the project, the band released the brand new singles ARCADIA (Sept) and EGO (Oct) from the up-coming 5th album. With the new album finally finished in December, and more than 40 confirmed shows in 2020, Smash Into Pieces announced that they will release the third single ”MAD WORLD” from the up- coming new album on January 24th. 24th January 2020 sees the brand new single release from Smash Into Pieces which is the 3rd single to be released off the bands 5th Studio album released March 2020. Mad World is a cover song of Tears Of Fears. Mad World follows the success of Arcadia and EGO were released towards the end of 2019 which gave us the 1st two installments of game vs reality.

Per Bergquist: for a while now we have talked about recording a cover but we just couldn’t make up our minds about what song. After listening to our fans in to which song they would like us to record. I remember one girl writing to us about “MAD WORLD”. After listening to the lyrics, letting it sink in, I just couldn’t think of a more perfect track that would fit better on the ARCADIA album than Mad World. Smash Into Pieces: To be trapped in the pure madness of the ARCADIA world where you can’t tell reality from fiction is enough to make any sane person go mad. Imagine for a second that you live in a world where the dreams in which you are dying are the best you’ve ever had, that a place where people run in circles without going nowhere, completely without expressions and where they fill their glasses with tears of sorrow would be your reality... Wouldn’t you say that that’s the definition of a very, very MAD WORLD? Mad World is dedicated in loving memory of Nikita who’s life ended far too soon. Smash Into Pieces - Mad World will be released to all major streaming platforms 24th January 2020, With a bright future set for the band and their 5th Album being released March 2020 Smash Into Pieces with their rock/pop mix show the world they have the stance to set the bar high amongst the vast growing music industry keeping up with all the changes happening.