SANCTRUM - About To Release New Single

After two years the Uppsala based metal act Sanctrum is back with new music. The single "Beacon in The Light" will be released digitally on January 24, but already on January 17, you can preview the song when the music video is released on the band's Youtube channel.

January 25 will be the live premiere of the song during Sanctrum's performance at Palatset in Linköping.

"We are very pleased with Beacon in The Light. It blends in with everything that Sanctrum wants to convey, brutality meets elegance. We like good old fashion thrash riffs but also grand choruses and melodies. This song will be a real live favorite, says Irfan Cancar, singer in Sanctrum."

Beacon In The Light is a Sanctrum production. The song is recorded, mixed and mastered by guitarist Alex Tollin. The music video was recorded during Sanctrum's live shows in 2019 and put together by singer Irfan Cancar. In addition, the cover is painted by Viktor Arfwedson, guitarist in Sanctrum.

"Doing everything ourselves is something we have long wanted to do. We have previously recorded the music ourselves and made the artwork (read: Walk With Vermin EP). Now we are doing everything ourselves, from start to finish and we will also release the song ourselves. It's a great feeling when everything is ready. Says Irfan."

With new music and a new booking agency, 2020 looks to be a very interesting year for Sanctrum.

"It's always fun to release new music and it feels good to start the new year with this. We start with a single and then we will see what the year has to offer. For once, we have not decided what we want to do, says Irfan Cancar."