MASS INSANITY - Release New Video "Control / Manipulate"

Polish Death Metal outfit, Mass Insanity, has released a new music video "Control / Manipulate", taken from the album "Maveth".

MASS INSANITY was formed at the turn of the September and October 2003, with former members of FEDON [Viehu (guit.), Hary (bass), Erni (guit.)], CLOSED EYE VISIONS [Maly (voc.), Michal (dr.)] and IN MULIERIBUS [Lisu (voc.)] bands. A half-year later, in February 2004 MASS INSANITY, without Erni (he left the band in December 2003), released his first demo CD "In Deadly Silence". A half-hour long material was recorded in the HAPIS SOUND STUDIO. A month later Bingo (guit.) (ex LOBOTOMIA) join the band. In that line-up MASS INSANITY plays two shows. After that Hektor(dr.) (ex STA VIATOR) displace Michal, also Bingo decide to leave the band. The next changes in line up took place In December 2004. Rafal (guit.) former member of STR8 band join the MASS and finally Lisu dismissed a month later. At the end of November 2005, at the rehearsal, the band recorded new stuff which shows up in February 2006 named "99% Rehearsal Promo". A year later MASS INSANITY recorded the second demo "Language Of The Dead". The material was received with interest from internet media. As a result of that, at the end of 2007 "Brewery Distro" released "Silent Language" CD, a compilation of two earlier MASS INSANITY demos. In 2009 Mass insanity start recorded debut album "The Hypochrist", released in June 2011 by "Brewery Distro". Meantime Hary left the band. His place, for a short time, took Jarek and next Pralat (ex INSECTICIDE). Currently on bass plays Tolas (THRASHER DEATH, PSYCHOTRON and more).

In the spring of 2014 the band started recording second full-length album, "Antihuman". Album was finished in June 2015 and released in September of the same year. At the beginning of 2018, the band has started work on of thier next LP. Late autumn, Mass Insanity signed a contract to release the album "Maveth" with the Russian underground label More Hate Productions. The album took premiere on March 15, 2019.