EARTHSHATTER - Stream Crushing Debut EP "1135"

Metalcore/Hardcore outfit from Toronto, Earthshatter featuring core members of Canadian heavy hitters Brand of Sacrifice and The Parallelare are streaming below their crushing debut EP "1135".

Earthshatter occupies the musical space between the hypnotic melodic hooks of metalcore’s commercial peak and the punishing, chaotic grit that both preceded and followed it. The Toronto group gives a nod to modern monsters Varials and Knocked Loose, peppering in subtle nu-metal elements akin to Emmure or even Attila — a record scratch here, a rapped verse there — and undeniable choruses that retain the soulfulness of Issues but soar like I Prevail. Earthshatter are following the same path skyward as Brand of Sacrifice, releasing singles (“Ghost Orchid,” “W.T.M.,” “Spit” and “Vic Park”) to rabid reception, with major tour opportunities and label interest on the horizon. Debut EP 1135 takes its name from the apartment vocalist Kyle Anderson and guitarist/producer Leo Valeri shared in 2013, though it’s quality proves they need to be anywhere but home delivering these anthems live — and that’s just fine with them.


1. O’Connor Drive
2. Ghost Orchid
3. W.T.M.
4. Spit
5. Vic Park
6. 1135
7. Cheat Code