DISTORTED VISIONS - Release New Single "Paranoia"

Italian Nu Metal band rising from the Milanese underground scene, Distorted Vision have released a new single "Paranoia" with a lyric video.

This is the very first single from the band’s first full-length album entitled Born Dead, which will be released worldwide on the 5th of March 2020.

Marco, singer of the band says: "For us, the concept of PARANOIA is closely linked to a deep internal loneliness and pain. We wanted to alternate a footage of us, to a black cloud to broken dolls that became home to worms that creep, dig and find their home in dark and hidden places until we reach the final scene with the flaming doll where we wanted to picture the moment where the PARANOIA takes over". Tiziano, the bass player, adds: "We loved shooting this video, it was not easy to get into the part of the disturbed person when you go through quiet and peaceful moments. Follow us: soon on our social networks we will post some very funny bloopers!".

Born Dead was produced by Marco Coti Zelati of Lacuna Coil and recorded, mixed and mastered by Marcello Iannuario at IannuProduction Studio.