DEFEATIST - Release New Single/Video "Mother "

UK Post-Hardcore outfit, Defeatist have released a new single and music video "Mother".

Their recent single ‘Mother’, engineered by renowned producer Timothy Vincent (Casey, Brutality Will Prevail, Wilderness) at Woodcroft Audio, serves as both a testament to single mothers working tirelessly to support their families, as well as a middle finger to every father that couldn't be bothered. The single introduces the new vocalist of the band, Jacob Eynon, who’s vocals provide a fresh, emotional and powerful take on Defeatist’s new music. Their previous release of “Born/Free” featuring Lucas Woodland (Holding Absence) built the foundations of the band to enable them to produce a number of singles which successfully juxtaposed the facets of their earlier work with a more refined, melody-driven sound.đ

‘Mother’ is a song about being abandoned by a significant person in your life, feeling isolated and ultimately coming out the other end. It’s a tribute to all the single mothers that work so hard to make ends meet and a middle finger to the dads that could never be bothered, Jacob says "If you’ve ever felt alone, scared, isolated and left behind then this song is proof that there’s a way through. This song is for anyone who’s been abandoned by their father. You don’t need them.”

Live shows:

With Lastelle
28th February - Bridgwater, The Cobblestones
29th February - Bristol, Rough Trade
1st March - Swansea, The Bunkhouse

With Lonesome
27th March - Brighton, Green Door Store,
28th March - Luton, Luton Underground
29th March - Cardiff, Tiny Rebel