CHABTAN - Unveil New Lyric Video "Maya Messiahs"

French Modern Death Metal outfit, CHABTAN have released a new lyric video for "Maya Messiahs", taken from album "Nine Levels".

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Like a thunderstorm, conjured up by an angry Aztec war god, the second album "Nine Levels" by CHABTAN thunders up. Noisy guitars and plenty of double bass meet panpipes and Mesoamerican percussion on the latest work of the French Maya-Metal combo.

This rumbling mix of musical influences are combined to an unexpectedly impulsive sound carpet. CHABTAN adds a new exciting facet to the metal genre with this fiery mix of sounds. In doing so, CHABTAN unleash a true elemental force, as though bands like DARK TRANQUILLITY, AMON AMARTH, IN FLAMES, MESHUGGAH and SCAR SYMMETRY have been swallowed by a sinister jungle, and hammer their instruments out of its depths from then on.

Since 2011, Metalheads from Paris celebrate their sound and the band have already been on tour with heavyweights like NILE and SUFFOCATION. On "Nine Levels", CHABTAN celebrate their crunching and uncompromising sound over eleven tracks. Tracks like "The Fall of Nojpetén", "Never Ending Pain" and "Escaping One-Death" are thunderous anthems to honor the Maya gods of Metal.

The new album will be released as a four-page digipack with an eight-page booklet, full of great and impressive artworks that visualize the dark world of CHABTAN. Let CHABTAN´s "Nine Levels" take you into a booming world of dark gods and myths!