AWAKE FOR DAYS - Announce Frank Caboni as Their New Lead Guitarist!

Hot off their highly successful and massive North American tour with Alt Rock legends Cold Sardinia's Awake For Days announce the addition of Frank Caboni as their new lead guitarist.

"We are very happy to welcome Frank as our new guitarist, there's always been mutual respect between us and it was inevitable that our choice would have been him, a humble person with an amazing talent. Now that our career is becoming more interesting, it is comforting to know that we have such a great guitarist by our side, who wants to make things happen. You will soon see him in action, he will leave you breathless."

"I met the AFD in 2014, it was during an important festival with the best bands of our island. I was there with my old band, and I clearly remember that I was struck by their performance which was something AMAZING, they were on another level and their desire to destroy that stage were immediately perceived from everyone as happened also during the American Tour with Cold. I followed their entire path and all their victories, and it is right after their wonderful experience in the USA that Lukas called me, "Hey Frank, How you doing?" . So, now, with a great excitement I'm the new AFD guitarist... That's my new band. I personally see this as a new beginning, a rebirth, a new Frank!"

Awake For Days are launching into 2020 with a vengeance expect to be hearing a lot more exciting news on the new album, tours, merch and much more!