ASYLENCE - Release New Video "The Suicide Net"

Modern Death Metal outfit, ASYLENCE have released a music video for their new single "The Suicide Net", taken from their debut EP "Eulogy Of Man", out February 20, 2020.


Frontman Ryan Lang says about the single, "The Suicide Net is about the struggles of the average American worker in today's era of social media. Being fed depressing, doom and gloom media stories day in and out can make a person question, "Is this really how it's supposed to be?" Sometimes ending it all sounds like the only way, but by the end of the song, the narrator decides that the next statistic will not be him, and instead decides to be unstoppable."

Asylence (uh-sigh-lence): A hybrid of the words Asylum and Silence, when joined together, present a universal idea and timeless message: The constant suffering and failures of mankind.

After the dissolution of drummer Alex Aubuchon’s highly-active, long-standing thrash band, he began to focus his efforts on recruiting for his new project. He discovered the talent of guitarist Aaron Lumsden, an avid scene supporter who frequented many local and regional shows. A dedicated relationship quickly formed between the pair, and Asylence was born. Frontman Ryan Lang, having been a mainstay in the Detroit metal scene but group-less at the time, was Asylence's first choice to handle vocal duties. Ryan accepted, excited at the idea of hitting the stage once again. Shortly after, bassist Richard Olrich joined the group to complete the sound. A new era of heavy metal ensued.

Forged from the melting pot of Detroit's underground metal scene, Asylence are a well oiled metal machine built with passion, intent, and a ferocity like no other. Since their formation in 2016, Asylence have been on a path of sonic destruction as they crush their audiences with fierce live performances throughout Michigan and surrounding states, opening for national act's such as Archspire, Belphegor and Sea of Treachery, among others. Taking no prisoners and ammasing a loyal, respecting fan base in the Midwest and beyond, behold the rise of Asylence.

Recorded at Detroitland's Rock Hill Sound and produced by acclaimed Grammy nominated producer, Matt Dalton, their explosive new EP, "Eulogy of Man", is slated for a February 2020 release. This new work is proof that the heavy-hitting quartet are prepared and motivated, more than ever, to stake their claim as a force to be reckoned within the metal realm. You have been warned; Asylence is poised to conquer.