ALESTI - Made A Cover of Julie Bergan's "STFU" Feat. Anxxiety

Modern Alternative Hard Rock outfit, ALESTI have released a Julie Bergan cover STFU ft. Anxxiety.

Inspired by a wide variety of artists within post-hardcore, hard rock and electronica genres, the ALESTI project was born in mid 2018. The idea behind ALESTI was to write, record and produce music and then feature a variety of singers, all to be hand picked to create the best possible result for every song while also giving new songs a different feel by bringing fresh and exciting talent to the table. With years of experience from being in bands, and from writing music achieving millions of streams on Spotify and across platforms, ALESTI is a culmination of experience and love for melodic, catchy and powerful music. The debut EP "Elements" was released late December 2018, and presented a fresh take on cinematic and melodic hard rock akin to STARSET, Falling In Reverse and Breaking Benjamin.

ALESTI has in the fairly short timespan since inception featured artists like James DeBerg (Thousand Below), Andy Cizek (Monuments/Makari) and Tyler Rollins (Anxxiety).