TRAGEDY CHANNEL - Releases New Darkly Melodic Single “Can’t Hold On”!

New American rock band Tragedy Channel is proud to announce the release of a new single called “Can’t Hold On” that demonstrates the creative fire between principal group members Mike and Hannah. The track is heavy, emotive, melodic, and somber, communicating the reality of a person stuck in a cycle of needing someone, being hurt, and then pushing away. It’s a stunning song full of achingly human vulnerability and hope that reaches out of the speakers and into the souls of listeners and new fans. “Can’t Hold On” is currently available on all streaming platforms.

Tragedy Channel was born on a ten-hour road trip home from a music festival in Oregon where Mike’s band Undercard had performed. Two musicians, one acoustic guitar, and a whole lot of miles yielded a batch of new songs that became Tragedy Channel. Mike and Hannah knew quickly that their collaboration was worth pursuing and committed to getting their new music out into the world. Both have been writing songs since their teenage years and value the concepts of art, creation, and rock music.