SUFFERING'S THE PRICE - Stream New Album "Misanthropic Manifest"

Serbian Hardcore\Beatdown outfit, Suffering's The Price are streaming below their new album "Misanthropic Manifest".

The band was formed in 2011 in Nis/Serbia by the former members of Bitumen, with a few line up changes and a lot of shows in our country the band has become one of the most Brutal hardcore bands in Serbia. We released our first album "Skull Tower" in 2014 with the cooperation of Good Life recordings from Belgium. In July 2014 a split album was released in cooperation with bands Cut Off and Delate from Bulgaria and Brainwashed from Kragujevac/Serbia. Few songs found their place on international hardcore compilations "I Love Mosh", "Hardcore Still Lives" and "Negative Mentality". STP lyrics are inspired by real life situations that affect each one of us and are focused on social issues and current world order.

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1. Conversation With Self (ft. Milos Violent Chapter)
2. The Point of No Return
3. The Culture of Violence
4. Forgotten Ghosts
5. Intermission
6. Faulty Structure (ft. Nikk Overpain)
7. Eden
8. Fake Elite
9. Neither
10. Misanthropic Manifest