STAIN THE CANVAS - Drop Video For New Single "Hell Made Me"

Italian Metalcore outfit, Stain The Canvas have released a new music video for their single "Hell Made Me".

Stain The Canvas are a metal band from Milan, Italy. Formed in October 2017, the band now consists of vocalist Bryan Marte, guitarists Lorenzo Accattoli and Riccardo Cerolini, bassist Luca Giorgi and drummer Alessandro Bonetti.

Lorenzo, Riccardo and Luca had their own pop punk/easycore band since 2013, but in 2017 they wanted to make something different and completely change their sound; so they formed Stain The Canvas and Lorenzo started writing new music. He no longer wanted to be the lead vocalist so he searched for a new vocalist all over Italy through social networks and found Bryan Marte as the best option for the band. The band was originally from Marche but Bryan was living in Lombardia, so they left hometown and started their new life in Milan. They released their first single and official video for Like a God and are currently working on debut album "Anima", which release date is still unknown.