On a rainy day, we visited the venue of Kino Siska in the Slovenian capital, Ljubljana. We were really looking forward to see the bands that are on our bucket list for a long time.

The openers were hard rockers with the touch of glam, Dead Girls Academy. Fronted with ex-frontman of Vampires Everywhere!, Michael Orlando that has certain charisma on stage. The band has one debut album under their belt called "Alchemy" released through Victory Records. In not so full big hall they performed for a half an hour set and treated us also with Motley Crue cover of "Girls Girls Girls" which got, of course, the most approval by the fans present. Pleasant, but nothing special overall.

Next were alternative rockers, Alien Ant Farm. The venue was now already quite full and eagerly waiting to see the band. The band that has not take themselves to seriously and enjoyed the ride throughout the years that came gave us exactly what we wanted. A fun show, even when the band started the long intro into "Attitude", frontman Dryden Mitchell got emotional and was in tears stating that this was his mothers fave song and dedicated to her and also was Chester Bennington's, past away Linkin Park vocalist fave song from them too and also my fave song from them. We could here also "Movies" and "These Days" and for the grand finale the hit that put them worldwide stars, Micheal Jackson's cover "Smooth Criminal". Amazing!

Next was P.O.D. that means Payable on Death, the bend that sold out approx 12 million records worldwide. One of the first waves of Nu-metal bands that came out. Their first major album "The Fundamental Elements of Southtown ", out in 1999 on Atlantic Records and it went on to become the band's first platinum album with first hits like "Southtown" and "Rock the Party (Off the Hook)".
The band then received even bigger fame with the album "Satellite" in 2001 and it went on to sell over three million copies in the U.S., and over seven million worldwide, making it the band's highest-selling album. With major hits like "Alive" and "Youth Of A Nation" and then also "Boom" and title track "Satellite" with the mention of hard-hitting opener "Set It Off", the band touched the star doom.
The show was exceptional! Frontman Sonny Sandoval was from the start to finish moving from left to right of the stage and moving like crazy and with all respect, I must say, the guy 45 years of age in this shape I didn't see it around for ages! Big respect! The band started hard "Set It Off" and the venue was bouncing as one and it felt amazing! Then at one point we all hed Southern California in our heads ("Always Southern California" song that they performed from new album "Circles")  and we felt "Alive" again. One of the magic moment was for sure "The Youth Of A Nation". We got the explosion with the "Boom" and overall we lived that golden days that were between 1999 - 2001 the gold age of nu-metal. For conclusion we can say that we were "Rockin' With The Best" that night!