Only a month around and here we are back in beautiful Vienna at the same venue, Flex near Donau river. This time around we were here for Lionheart, Deez Nuts, Kublai Khan, Obey The Brave and Fallbrawl.

We sadly missed Fallbrawl and the sadness is doubled if we tell you that we still didn't catch this band live!

So the first band of the night for us was Obey The Brave. They released a new album "Balance". We could here new ones "Calmer Le Jeu" and "No Apologies". Short set, but never the less, this band doesn't disappoint ever live! Powerful!

Next was dog barking aka Kublai Khan. You could hear fans barking throughout all night! They released their best album to date "Absolute" and they showed us why are they one of the hottest bands in the hardcore scene at the moment! Songs like "B.C.", "Hammer" got you moving all the way. The pit was insane! The neck still huts!

Deez Nuts was a party from the start to finish! They also released a new album "Bitterest End". They never got me to take a listen do them but saw them live a couple of times and shows are always enjoyable. You could hear fans chants and happiness in the air. Good show!

LAHC! You got it! Lionheart was next! The stars of the night! Thank God or whatever, that they came back and released two amazing albums "Welcome To The West Coast II" and new one "Valley Of Death". What albums they are!  The opener was the title track of the new album and the band played majority of last two albums which is fine by me! We could hear "Burn", "Cursed", "Rock Bottom", "Trial By Fire" with the instrumental ending of Metallica's "Wherever I May Roam" and even short cover of Rammstein "Du Hast" which of course was well-received, "(You Gotta) Fight for Your Right (To Party!)" a Beastie Boys cover and for the grand finale LHHC with help of JJ from Deez Nuts. Mosh pits all the way, singing loudly the lyrics, fists in the air, wall of death, you name it! There was everything you can get from a hardcore show!

Another memorable night to remember! All bands were great and showed us what is a true hardcore spirit!

Till next time, Vienna!