As we came good into December mood, we visited CS Rivolta in Italy. We entered with high expectations for the show we were about to see. Bill of bands was really appealing and we were anxious to see what this hardcore evening will bring us.

First up were Australian 5-piece Hardcore/Metal outfit, Justice For The Damned. As they started in 2011, they set their minds to success and self-released two EPs before signed up with Greyscale Records and made they first album “Dragged Through the Dirt” in 2017. Through their work they speak about hope in difficult situations that band members or any one of us ever went through. We are anticipating their new album in 2020 to hear more exciting sounds from the band. Seeing the band for the second time, we could see that the formation is making progress. Right from the start they started to move the crowd and the mosh pit was set on fire. Short but sweet!gress. Right from the start they started to move the crowd and the mosh pit was set on fire. Short but sweet!

Next on the stage were UK Hardcore/Metal suit Renounced. They were established in 2013. Soon they released their first EP “Conditioned From Birth” and after that kept themselves busy with albums “The Melancholy We Ache” (2014), “Theories of Despair” (2016) and the latest that came out just a couple months ago in September 2019 “Beauty Is A Destructive Angel”. With each album they impressed us and their popularity grew. They take inspiration from early 2000 era and show their determination for success. As they say “Forwards forever. Death to false metalcore.”
For Renounced it was also the second time I attended their show. One year ago, I could see that they have more to offer from what we were presented. This time I could see that they improved a bit but still think they have to work on their live performance. But for sure they got the crowd moving and maintained wild atmosphere so all in all it was a successful show.

Next up were another UK band Malevolence who have been rocking Metal/Hardcore beats from 2010. Even though they were little metalheads from a young age and spent a lot of time just grooving in the garage they found their missing link in frontman Alex Taylor who had them move their asses to present themselves to the world and push them to success. After that they did more serious work with albums “Reign Of Suffering” in 2013 and “Self Supremacy” in 2017. You can hear them being their true selves with sounds that don’t submit to any trends and that’s what makes them stand out. The venue was not sold out, but was nicely packed with Hardcore kids ready to mosh. Mosh pit was guaranteed! Jump arounds in the crowd basically non stop. Circle pits, you name it! Fans were literally getting crazy. Among others we could hear “Slave To Satisfaction”, “Condemned To Misery”, “In The Face Of Death” and “Wasted Breath” with Isac Halle from Knocked Loose. Intense show for sure!

This was a true hardcore show with no barriers, no bullshit just pure energy and fire. Trough all these years visiting the shows this one was without any doubt the best hardcore show I witnessed in all my life! My deepest respect to all involved!