JINJER - Tatiana Talk About "Macro", Album Concepts, Twisted Songwriting, Their Sound and Inspiration (VIDEO)

JINJER European Tour 2019 has been an incredible success with venue’s upgrades and pretty much sold out shows everywhere: after 10 years of hard-working, does this explosion find the Ukrainian progressive metal quartet ready? What is so appealing about Jinger music and live shows? Do they change the setlist every nite or they prefer to keep it fix and tight?

Barbara Caserta from Linea Rock talked about all of this with growl-girl TATIANA SHMAYLYUK in Milano, on December 14th, 2019, at Magazzini Generali, right before the hotly awaited event… Plus: the “Micro” EP and the “Macro” album concepts and twisted songwriting, the influence of a war environment in their sound and inspiration, the music scene in their country and why Jinjer actually emerged as “Best Ukrainian Metal Act”, her excellent vocal range which has grown thru different genres, bands and situations pressing finally the pedal to the metal, her main female idol (guess who?)… her biggest goal, the wildest dream and get surprised by what’s next in the plans!