HEADWRECK - Team Up With She Cries Wolf's Luke Harriss on Debut Single "As Is"

Hardcore trio Headwreck have blasted on to the scene with their huge new single "As Is", featuring a tasty feature from none other than She Cries Wolf's very own frontman Luke Harriss.

The brand new debut single premiered over at HEAVY Mag yesterday to a welcoming audience. "As Is" was instrumentally tracked by Cory Judd of Colossal Tracks Studio (She Cries Wolf, Days Like These) and vocally tracked by vocalist Connor Hickman and guitarist Jamo Benadie. The new single tackles society's opposing beliefs and opinions and highlights that rather than fighting each other to prove a point, it's crucial to open up discussion and hear others out.

Frontman Hickman explains the motivation behind the track in saying "the song is centered around the lone fact that we all have different opinions and beliefs, and that these conflicting beliefs can sometimes result in altercations. It's so important to hold true to your notions but at the same time, it's important to have these open discussions with opposing perspectives as it gives us a greater insight."

Headwreck recruited fellow Brisbane metaller Luke Harriss to feature on the track, which proved to be a match made in hardcore heaven. Hickman explains he was more than hyped with the feature: "Personally I've been a huge fan of She Cries Wolf for almost five years so it was so exciting for him to be apart of our first release."

The brand new single comes complete with a music video produced and directed by Nick Hargans (who also is responsible for the bands promotional imaging) and features a crisp, glitch-style film clip contrasted between Harriss' guest feature with the band and Hickman's rage fueled solo performance. The clip takes poignant lyrics from the track and plasters them down the sides to highlight the themes of the single.

Headwreck is Connor Hickman (vocals), Jamo Benadie (guitar) and Sam Conroy (drums) and is the result of three local musicians and friends pooling their brutal talents and their collective experience from previous established bands together to start fresh, and on a massive high note to boot.

Headwreck close their 2019 with this huge debut single that promises big things for their future. "As Is" is available now on all digital and streaming platforms.