We had honor and privilege to talk with beautiful, amazing and talented Lena, the singer from Infected Rain before their show in Ljubljana, Slovenia on Thursday, December 5th, 2019.
Find out what band got her into heavy music, what horror movies she likes, what is the meaning of "Passerbye" and which of their hit songs wasn't even meant to be recorded and other interesting stuff.

1. You are now in the middle of the tour. The majority of the dates were sold out. It is your biggest tour to date. Could you tell us some of the highlights from this tour? Which city's were most memorable?

Every date was special, from bigger venues to the small ones. Every night is very unique, because we are every night in a new city, meeting new people. Some small venues are memorable because of how warm and close are people. Some bigger venues are memorable because of hugeness and the power of emotions you are getting back, which is amazing! We had interesting stuff going on tour, someone, was funny, other super cool, but I think the whole tour is super amazing. Sharing the stage with Lacuna Coil and Eluveitie is a big honor and pleasure because everybody is so friendly and so nice. It's really, really cool be actually here and do this.

2. This was a very important year for Infected Rain. After a decade of being an independent band, you signed a record deal with Napalm Records. Why only now? I believe Napalm wanted to sign you 4 years back, right?

Yes, you are right! We didn't feel back that that that was the right moment for us. We are the band that has done everything by ourselves. From booking shows, making videos, and other stuff we all done that. But eventually, you need professionals so you can grow as a band, do more and bigger tours, reach a new audience, marketing, proper promotion for the album. So when we got a deal this time around we felt it was the right moment. I think we all can see the results already. But we are still doing some things by ourselves.

3. Did you feel more pressure while recording the new album "Endorphin"? How long did it take?

No many people know that but we had the new album pretty much finished, only a few details and the album was practically done. So when we signed with the label we had the album basically finished. The recording went smooth and we didn't have any problems.

4. The first single released was "Passerby" for which you also made a video. What was the lyrical inspiration behind that?

This song is very special to me. It about dealing with people's expectations! I wrote about my own battle and my own frustration dealing with this matter. Every day people are looking to you and have expectations, how you should behave, how should you do certain things and at the end of the day you must be you and don't bother with other people's expectations.

5. This year you also started your YouTube channel "Bananas" where you share band stuff and personal life, like visiting family in Italy or going to hometown in Moldova. How did you come up with the idea and why "Bananas"?

Actually, it was not my idea but from the guys in the band. I love showing people band stuff, what goes on behind the scenes in the music industry, from documentaries, making-of videos or teaching people how I do makeup or sharing my thoughts on plastic issues. Why bananas? In American slang this means crazy, so I think it was an appropriate name.

6. You are an amazing vocalist. Scream, growl, clean vocals, you name it, you have it all. How much you do in term of remaining in shape vocally? Melisa Cross also helped you. At what age you started singing?

I had a vocal teacher for three years in Moldova. She taught me a lot of techniques and how to use vocal properly. Then I discovered Melissa Cross Dvd's and also had the chance to meet her and take lessons personally because I live in the states. I had classes with her and she also thought me a lot about how to growl and improve it.

7. What were the bands that got you in heavy music? What are you listening to lately? Your fave music albums this year?

Nirvana was the first band that got me into music. Then I discovered harder, heavy bands. First cassette that I bought was actually two, Sepultura "Roots" and SlipKnot "Iowa" and I even didn't know the bands, just picked them. I played those cassettes on repeat until they broke down. I also listen to rap music. I love Tool, A Perfect Circle and Deftones are among my faves. This year albums that I love are KoRn, they made an awesome album after some years, then Northlane "Alien" is also an amazing album.

8. You also love movies. Horror is among fave ones I believe. What are your all-time favorites and this year's best ones?

This year I saw for the first time original Helloween with some friends and I was so impressed how good it was and how great movies were made even back then. I loved it! I love also Stephen King! I loved the new remake of IT!. I don't like so much slasher horrors, but I can watch them.

9. Speaking of new things you also had two new tattoos this year. Dracula on the left leg and a major one over the chest. How long did it take and how many sessions did you have?

Dracula was done in two sessions. Each session was I believe 5 to 6 hours long. The tattoo was done in Las Vegas at Seven Tattoo studio by Miguel Camarillo.
Chest tattoo was made in only one session and it took 14 hours!  It reflects my current mood, like for the past year, even more, and my state of mind. It was done by very talented Dutch artist Lainey Bee. I met her two years before. She made the design from scratch.

10. OK! Back to music. "Orphan Soul" is a special song in your catalog. Did you know when you were writing it, that there is something more to it?

It is a very special song indeed! Orphan Soul was a song that initially wasn't meant to be recorded, I was just writing and I didn’t even think. I write all the time. And a friend of mine told me that this should be a song! So he made me think about it. It was in my head. The guys then came up with this melody and I thought this is it!
I decided to do it. And the boys from the band supported and helped so much when we made the music video. I cried! I had to talk to them how important certain things for me to be just like that because it was just like my childhood. The song is about how is being a kid and see your parents separated.

11. If you had the chance of looking back through the history of the band would you change something?

No! Because if I changed something most probably we have never been here where we are now! I probably wouldn't have this conversation with you now. Sure some things could've been better but never the less I wouldn't change anything, because this made us who we are.

12. What's next for Infected Rain in 2020?

We will tour more and play where we never been before. We already booked some festivals, I believe we have already 10 booked or something. You can find all the information on Facebook.


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