BODYSNATCHER - Release New Single/Video "Twelve/Seventeen"

Metalcore outfit, Bodysnatcher have released a new single and music video "Twelve/Seventeen", taken from upcoming new album "This Heavy Void", out January 31st, 2020 via Stay Sick Recordings.

“Twelve/seventeen is a very important song to me because it actually helped me let out emotions I had been holding in for so long. The song is about my mom losing her battle with breast cancer when I was only twelve years old. It’s called twelve/seventeen not because that’s the day she passed, but because that was her birthday. We included the Christmas tree in the video because it was her tradition to have friends over and decorate it for her birthday every year. The clips in the video are also all real home movie clips, and that was very important to me that we included those. I hope this song hits for you, and helps you feel something.” Kyle Carter