BLOODTRUTH - Release New Video "Inner Resurrection"

Italian Brutal Death Metal outfit, Bloodtruth have released a new music video "Inner Resurrection", taken from their album "Martyrium".

Guitarist Stefano Rossi Ciucci said the following:

"Let me show you our first videoclip from our latest album "Martyrium". No words can describe how excited we are and how long we waited for this moment. This video expresses all our dedication and hard work that the creation of our latest album required. We are really proud of the results obtained with this new video, both technically and artistically speaking. We chose the song "Inner Resurrection" since we consider it a very important song for the band. In fact, from a musical point of view, it contains some of the most particular elements of the whole album concerning the riffing and the arrangements. We want to thank our videomaker Guglielmo Sergio, as he worked on a death metal video for his very first time getting an excellent result! Personally, it was a really cool experience and my first time as an actor. I even had to learn how to write a script with gothic characters in a very short time, it was really crazy! In the next future we will have a lot of chances to play several of the Martyrium album songs in some really cool festivals; our new collaboration with Jon Knight and The Flaming Arts immediately paid off thanks to their extreme professionalism. So, check this video out and come to see us at our next shows!"

Bloodtruth next shows:

21/02/2020 - Slaughter Farm Fest (CZE)
27/06/2020 - Antitrend Festival (SVK)
20/08/2020 - Deathfeast Fest - Andernach (GER)
21/08/2020 - Death Coffee Party (CZE)
29/08/2020 - Torture the Masses Fest (GER)