ASKING ALEXANDRIA - Release "LP5 DLX" Deluxe Version Of Their Latest Album

Asking Alexandria have released today an "LP5 DLX", a deluxe edition of their latest album. On the album, there are six more songs, some remixed ones and in other versions. Below you can hear "Vultures" in Rock version.


1. Alone In A Room
2. Into The Fire
3. Hopelessly Hopeful
4. Where Did It Go?
5. Rise Up
6. When The Lights Come On
7. Under Denver
8. Vultures
9. Eve
10. I Am One
11. Empire (feat. Bingx)
12. Room 138
13. Into The Fire (Radio Edit)
14. Vultures (Rock Version)
15. Where Did It Go? (Hyro Mash Up)
16. Perfect (Live from SiriusXM)
17. Rise Up (Demo)
18. Alone In A Room (Acoustic Version)
19. Alone In A Room (Dex Luthor Remix)